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The Final Piece

This is our final week. All assignment artifacts, peer reviews and comments should have been completed by the due dates. During our final meeting, you will demonstrate what you have learned by presenting an idea for a case study. Additionally, two items, a course evaluation, and a peer performance assessment need completion.

Class Meeting

Our final meeting will be on August 10, 6-8 PM.

Everyone will present an idea for a case study based one of several recent events. For assignment details see:

Should you wish to practice Application Sharing, sign in early. I will be online at 5 pm to practice with you. The order of presenters was selected at random and is listed below.

Important Due Dates

Aug 9 – Artifacts for final presentation posted to Google+
Aug 10 – Review and post comments for TOS statement discussion
Aug 10 – Complete assigned peer reviews for CS #3: Cyberbullying
Aug 10 – Present proposal case study for final assignment

Aug 12 – Complete course evaluation
Aug 12 – Complete peer performance assessment

Continuing …

Final assignment & presentation

Based on the artifacts submitted for your case study idea, each person will make a short five-minute presentation using Application Sharing in Collaborate during our final class meeting.

For details, see the Google document:

Order of presenters
1  Karen
2  Leilehua
3  Vera
4  Kristel
5  Val

6  Amanda
7  Pamela
8  Angela
9  Joshua
10  Jordan

11  Jared
12  Julie
13  David
14  Carolyn
15  Kailana
16  Jonah

This week …

Course evaluation

Your ratings and comments about this class are immensely important to improving it for future LTEC majors.

Completion of the course evaluation by August 12 is required, but it will not affect your grades in any manner. Access this document by signing in to your HAWAII.EDU account.

Peer performance assessment

Evaluation of your peers’ performances is a vital component of an academic community. Complete a short peer review of each member that you worked with on case studies or in group discussions. Complete the required assessment by August 12.

Access this document by signing in to your HAWAII.EDU account.

Course grades

In general, your work has been outstanding. I’ve learned a lot from your posts and hope that you have, too.

I am reviewing all work submitted and will prepare grades as categorized in the course syllabus. Grades will be posted as they are finalized in the class Laulima Gradebook.

As a reminder, it is your responsibility to have completed the work on time and to maintain copies of your own or your team posts. If I have difficulty locating your work, I will contact you.


By Friday, August 12 or sooner, you will have completed this course successfully. Thank you for your active participation, perseverance, and flexibility. Your contributions have established a new base level for future offerings of this course.


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