Final Assignment, CS #3 Peer Reviews

To demonstrate what you have learned, you will individually prepare a presentation for our final class meeting. Additionally, we wind up our third case study by completing peer reviews.

Class Meeting

We will meet for our final class meeting on Wednesday, August 10, 6-8 PM. This week’s scheduled meeting (Aug 3) is cancelled.

Recordings of class sessions are found at:

Scroll to the bottom of the list.

Important Due Dates

Aug 3 – Complete artifacts for Case Study #3 : Cyberbullying
Aug 3 – Post peer reviews for CS #2: Protecting your Academic IP
Aug 3 – Post group summary of in-class discussion on TOS

Aug 9 – Artifacts for final presentation
Aug 10 – Review TOS statement summaries and and post comments
Aug 10 – Complete assigned peer reviews for CS #3: Cyberbullying
Aug 10 – Present proposal case study for final assignment

Aug 12 – Complete course evaluation
Aug 12 – Complete peer performance assessment

Continuing …

TOS Group Summaries • Comments

Review the summaries posted to our Google+ community in the category: TOS (group discussion). Post appropriate comments for TWO of the other team summaries. Spread your comments among the teams so that ALL teams receive an equal number of comments.

As in previous assignments, draft your comments off-line and then paste it into the comment box of the introduction being reviewed. When doing this, ADD LINE SPACES (extra space between paragraphs) as needed, so that your comments are easily read.

Review guidelines presented in Comments & Peer Reviews:

Your comments should:

  • Provide thoughtful and supportive comments.
  • Point out strengths and weaknesses.
  • Suggest any improvements that you foresee.
  • Be professionally written.

Add a +1 to those that you especially like. Comments must extend beyond social greetings and “liking it.” Due August 10.

Case Study #3: Cyberbullying • Peer Review

Individually review and complete peer reviews of the artifacts from two teams assigned to you (see below).

First, review artifacts posted by ALL teams to get a quick overview. Locate items by clicking on the category Case study #3 artifacts in our Google+ community.

From the list of reviewer assignments below, prepare a formal peer review for each team’s artifacts.

Each person is assigned to review the artifacts posted by TWO other teams.

When reviewing artifacts, follow guidelines and examples listed in the document, Comments & Peer Reviews:

Make all reviews substantive and professional. It should be at least 4-5 paragraphs in length, clear and understandable. Prepare off-line and then COPY & PASTE the text of your review. Special formatting (headings, character formats, etc) is not needed. However, be sure to enter a BLANK LINE to separate paragraphs.

Post each review separately on our Google+ community as a COMMENT to the original post for the artifact. To quickly locate artifacts, click on the category: Case study #3 artifacts. Due August 10.

Reviewer » Team assigned

Amanda C » Ichiban, DaWahines
Angela G » HI Flyers, Ghostbusters
Carolyn C » Underdawgs, DaWahines
David C » HI Flyers, Ghostbusters
Jared T » Ichiban, Underdawgs
Jonah P » Underdawgs, Ghostbusters

Jordan Y » Underdawgs, DaWahines
Joshua J » Underdawgs, DaWahines
Julie R » HI Flyers, DaWahines
Kailana S » Ichiban, Ghostbusters
Karen F » HI Flyers, Ghostbusters

Kristel d » Ichiban, DaWahines
Leileihua M » Ichiban, DaWahines
Pamela T » Ichiban, Ghostbusters
Val T » HI Flyers, Underdawgs
Vera B » HI Flyers, Ghostbusters

This Week …

Final assignment & presentation

To demonstrate your understanding of ethics and social issues in educational technology, individually prepare a case study proposal for one of three recent topics of relevance to this class. Present your proposal at the final class meeting.

For details, see the Google document:

The required artifacts (proposal & presentation) are due on Tuesday, August 9. You will present it at our final class meeting on Wednesday, August 10. Post both artifacts TOGETHER in the Google+ category: Final presentation.

Course evaluation

Your ratings and comments about this class are immensely important to improving it for future LTEC majors.

Completion of the course evaluation form by August 12 is required, but it will not affect your grades in any manner.

Link TBA on Wednesday, Aug 10

Peer performance assessment

Evaluation of your peers is a vital component of academia. Complete a short peer review of each team member that you worked with this semester. Complete the required assessment form by August 14.

Link TBA on Wednesday, Aug 10

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