Case Study Selection, Internet Ethics

This week we focus on selecting case studies from team proposals for implementation. We complete course preparation activities and begin exploring various issues in the realm of social and ethical issues in educational technology.

1. Class meeting
2. Important dates
3. Sharing contact information
3. Continuing …
4. This week

Class Meeting

We will meet on Wednesday, July 13, 6-8 PM.

Our primary objective will be to select the three case studies to execute in this course and decide which one we will start with.

Important Dates

July 13 – Review all proposals, post comments and +1
July 20 – Post comments about introductions
July 20 – Submit artifact for “What do others think about internet ethics?”
July 23 – Twitter use reflection post

Sharing contact information

An email message mail was sent to your email address to view the class contact information.

To maintain student privacy, do not share this list nor distribute a link to access the list. Use your personal account to view this list.

Continuing …

Selection of Case Study Proposals

Review the case study proposals submitted by all teams before our class meeting. During our class meeting, ask questions or clarify points that aren’t clear in the proposals. By the end of the meeting (Wednesday), we will select and schedule three case studies for this class.

Based on the number of +1’s, and following discussion, three proposals will be selected for implementation.

Commenting on Introductions

Review the introductions posted by your peers and post comments to a minimum of three (3) other members. Locate member introductions on our Google+ community. Spread out your comments so that everyone will receive some feedback.

Draft your comments off-line and then paste it into the comment box of the introduction being reviewed. When doing this, ADD LINE SPACES (extra space between paragraphs) as needed, so that your comments are easily read.

In your comments:

  • Be professional.
  • Write thoughtful and supportive comments.
  • Point out strengths and weaknesses that you may notice.
  • Suggest any improvements that you foresee.
  • Add a +1 to those that you especially like.
  • Comments must extend beyond social greetings and “liking it.”

This week

Case study #1

Work on the case study (as a team) to prepare artifacts for the proposal selected during class. See the Google+ community for detail posted about the selected case study.

Mini Assignment

What others think about Internet ethics?
Complete this assignment INDIVIDUALLY, as explained in the Google doc:

Expand your Twitter use

Follow 15-20 individuals, organizations or events. See Using Twitter the Techitubby Way guidelines. This will help you to begin curating your Twitter feed so that it becomes more personalized and useful to you. As you do this, notice how your Twitter feed changes. The quality of your Twitter stream is dependent on the care you take in choosing who to follow, and who follows you.

After completing this and viewing your Twitter stream DAILY for 3-5 days, post a short reflective statement about your results in our community in the category, Twitter use. Due July 23.

Using Twitter the Techitubby Way

NOTE: Note that Twitter continues to upgrade its product. Thus the images presented in the guide may not be the same if you were to follow the instructions above. However, the concepts and ideas are pretty much the same.

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