Week 6 details now available — August 9, 2016

Week 6 details now available

Details for our final piece, Week 6, is now available. Links to the course evaluation and peer performance evaluation form will be updated prior to our final class on Wednesday, August 10.

Week 6 details in preparation —

Week 6 details in preparation

Details for the final week will be available shortly. It is currently being drafted. Our final class meeting is this Wednesday when you will share your individual case study proposals. Two final items – the course evaluation and a peer performance assessment – will be posted prior to the meeting. Thank you for your patience.

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Week 5 now online! — August 2, 2016
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ETEC 676
Social and Ethical Issues in Educational Technology

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Our moral principles and beliefs govern our behavior in our everyday lives. As professional educators and trainers, we bear the responsibility for knowing how to help learners manage their behavior ethically when using technology for teaching, learning or creative expressions.

Students in ETEC 676 will examine social and ethical issues as they relate to technology in instructional settings. Focus on social justice and societal impact. Prerequisite: ETEC major or consent.

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